Lead by ideas, design is bound not by rules or genre, but by values and principles. The design sensibility of XMAS is born of minimalist aesthetic philosophies of Pennsylvania Shakers, the Bauhaus, and Scandinavian design. Through study in San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Providence, and practice in NYC and Philadelphia, XMAS was developed to accommodate nearly any design project with solutions of comfort and joy.

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A small lounge chair concept inspired by studies in Copenhagen

A bench inspired by field landscapes and made by threading die-cut wool felt over a steel frame armature

XMAS’s 2022 furniture collection debut: Reversible chair; small stacking stool/stand; skewered double wicker floor lamp; and a cement Brutalist birdhouse.

The Reversible Chair is made of baltic birch plywood and laminate. There are two different seatbacks per chair (four total), each offering a “soft” or “sharp” version, changeable for desired mood or form.

Both seatbacks are hinged to the seat. To change them, one is folded down and secured with the wood dowel, the chair flipped over, opposite dowel removed and placed at the top “legs,” and seatback raised up to lean against the dowel.

Future versions will explore color block designs, and different laminates and substrates, including for outdoor use.

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